Restricted Goods and Restricting Authorities

 Live animals and products.  Ministry of Climatic Change and Environment
 Pesticides, organic and chemical fertilizers.  Ministry of Climatic Change and Environment
 Agricultural reformation products, saplings and seedlings.  Ministry of Climatic Change and Environment
 Bees and queen bees.  Ministry of Climatic Change and Environment
 Live fish.  Ministry of Climatic Change and Environment
 Veterinary vaccines and serum (sera).  Ministry of Climatic Change and Environment
 Diagnostic materials, veterinary equipment and supplies.  Ministry of Climatic Change and Environment
 All kinds of weapons and ammunition.  Ministry of Interior
 Alcoholic drinks.  Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority
 Fireworks and firecrackers.  Ministry of Interior
 Food stuffs  Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority
 Wire and wireless communications equipment, radio and TV transmitters and receivers, radio and GPS navigation pilot equipment.  Communications Regulatory Authority
 Air-conditioning machines and equipment, cooling or deep-freezing machines and equipment, weighing and standardization equipment, propelling, piling, loading or unloading machines and equipment (such as elevators, escalators, conveyor belts, cable-transporters (telefric) and water heaters.  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 Automatic tools for metals, ceramics, porcelain and others.  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 Diesel, fuel, lubricants, paints and polish.  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 Dummies, balloons, cycles and drones.  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 Cigarettes and tobacco.  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 Vehicles.  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 New car tires  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 Cosmetics or skin, mouth and teeth care products and equipment other than drugs.  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 Household electric appliances, electric circuit breakers connecting, breaking, protecting or dividing equipment, electric cable, wires and telephone.  Specifications and Standardization Authority
 Pharmaceuticals and drugs including sedatives used for medical purposes.  Ministry of Health
 Medical equipment and instruments with their accessories, medical laboratories solutions, medical or surgical sterilization instruments.  Ministry of Health
 Blood and its components.  Blood Transfusion Services Department.
 Holy Quran copies, books, magazines, publications, bulletins, media programs and materials, all kinds of recorded materials whether printed on paper or on other materials or in the form of discs, tapes or others.  National Media Council
 Photography products, films, movie films, and chemicals used in photography.  National Media Council
 Audio recording and transmitting equipment, audio and video recording and transmitting equipment, their spare parts and supplies.  National Media Council
 Raw diamonds  Al Kimberly Organization / Dubai Multi Commodities Center
 Chemicals used in chemical weapons, polyetherate and polyurethanate.  Imported & Exported Commodities Control Committee.
 Radio chemical elements, radioisotopes including those which are fissionable and radioactive materials and isotopes for medical use.  Federal Nuclear Control Authority
 Electric transformers with capacity exceeding 500 KVA.  Federal Nuclear Control Authority
 Thermal alternators.  Federal Nuclear Control Authority
 Nuclear reactors, boilers, automatic tools and equipment with their spare parts.  Federal Nuclear Control Authority

Prohibited Goods

  • Weeds, opium, heroine, morphine, cocaine, poppy and its skin and seeds, kat, cannabis (hemp) and other seeds with similar effects (all kinds of narcotics).
  • Counterfeit and fake maries.
  • Publications, photographic and oil painted pictures, paintings, cards, books, magazines and stone sculptures that are in violation of Islamic religion or public morals, or which are intended as pornography.
  • Three-layer nylon fishing nets.
  • Gambling tools and machines.
  • Goods imported from boycotted countries.
  • Goods imported from Israel or carrying Israel’s emblem.
  • Ozone layer depleting materials.
  • Radioactive-contaminated materials.
  • Asbestos boards and pipes.
  • Laser pens with red flash light beams.
  • Hazardous waste.
  • Neswar.
  • Ben tree leaves.
  • Electronic cigarettes and shisha.
  • Used and renovated types.
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